Discover Versailles beyond the palace

While many visit Versailles primarily for its famous palace, château de Versailles, I would like to share with you why exploring the park and the Notre-Dame market can be an equally delightful experience.

Notre-dame market Versailles

The Notre-Dame market in the heart of Versailles will pleasantly surprise you with its lively atmosphere. Local vendors offer unique culinary delights, from freshly baked pastries to exclusive cheeses and homemade dishes. Choosing from these delectable treats can be quite a challenge. It’s no surprise that this market is primarily frequented by local food enthusiasts. Opting for the market and a picnic means choosing culinary quality.

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Picnic in the parc of Versailles

We continued our day with a lovely walk to the park. While the gardens of the palace require a ticket, the park itself is free to access. As rowboats glided by and the sun cast a warm glow, it provided the perfect backdrop for heartfelt conversations, all surrounded by the beauty of Versailles’ natural landscape.

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If you have some extra time, right opposite the palace entrance lies the Grande Écurie, which, seen from above, has the shape of a large horseshoe. Here, you can visit the free carriage museum, attend a horse show on weekends, or take a guided tour of the royal stables.

How to get to Versailles

To get to Versailles, we followed Google Maps’ instructions and took the RER C to Versailles Chateau Rive Gauche. It’s worth noting that the RER C has multiple routes, so ensure you choose the right one. Alternatively, taking the RER C to Versailles Chantiers is an option, although it involves a longer walk to the palace. If you have a Navigo monthly pass (Zone 4), the journey is free; otherwise, you can purchase an RER ticket for approximately 7 euros.

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